Maintenance & Repairs So Far

General Maintenance (current mileage 120,00 miles)
Inspection II at 50k miles

Oil Service at 63k miles
Inspection II at 76k miles (was meant to be an Insp I, but Crossflags BMW got it wrong!)
Oil Service 89k miles
Inspection I at 103k miles
Oil Service at 117k miles

Service Intervals are approx 15,000 miles, but I change oil and filter half way in between as well, and send a sample off to BlackStone Laboratories in USA for oil analysis.

Coolant renewal (official scheduled renewals)- 46k miles (2006), 64k miles (2008), 108k miles (2012)

Brake fluid renewed x3 at BMW dealers approx £45 each time, 2007, 2009, 2011.  Recommended every 2 yrs.

Front brake pads and discs replaced (DIYed it) - Black Diamond grooved discs approx £200 for pair, & EBC Redstuff pads approx £65.

Rear brake pads replaced once at approx 89k miles (DIYed it)

Rear Brake Pads & Discs replace (DIY approx £85 for both Brembo discs & Textar pads)

Water pump, thermostat, V-belts changed as preventative measure by BM Motors at approx 60,000 miles.  Very thorough, experienced and decent BMW specialist.

Belt tensioner changed (DIYed it).  OEM mechanical tensioner, which although wasnt giving me any problems (i did think it was giving a squeal under acceleration, turned out it was the AC tensioner) was probably due for replacing at 84k miles.  Cost £39 from Eurocarparts.

AC Belt Tensioner : When the slight squeal under light acceleration was still there after the above DIY,  I decided to change the AC tensioner, and the squeal disappeared!!

Gearbox & Differential fluid replaced (DIYed) x2, at approx 65k and 100k miles.

Power steering fluid replaced (DIYed it) x2

Tyres i've used:  Falken FK 452, Good Year Asymmetric Eagle F1's.  Rears (255/35 R18) last about 10-12k miles.  Rear Falkens are about £105 each, whereas Eagle F1's are about £170 (both internet prices).  The latter are £215 at Kwik Fit!!

Radiator, Expansion tank and coolant change (radiator was leaking and needed changed) at 46k miles.

Camshaft position sensor faulty (Dec 2006) changed by R.W.Weaver in Glasgow.  Overpriced and not very friendly.
Front Left caliper seized  (summer 2009)

Front Right caliper seized (autumn 2009)

Camshaft position sensor failed again (sept 2009), the previously installed one by R.W.Weaver was non genuine, and are known to fail relatively quickly.  It failed after I spun out and stalled the car in a car park during winter.

Front right caliper seized again!! (april 2010) caliper exchanged as still under warranty

Clutch died at 76k miles and needed changed.  It was the weekend so i went to a small local garage (£250 labour if I remember correctly).

Thermostat failed at about 108k miles (April 2012), noticed this because car would run cooler.  Changed with genuine BMW part.

Radiator & Water Pump- at 114k miles (Nov 2012), Only because the drain plug when put back after a routine coolant change for some reason it was leaking, and a replacement Nissen radiator plug wasn't available, and the an original BMW plug also allowed some leakage..  Replaced with another Nissens radiator.  Looking back I think I should've gone for a Behr unit.
After doing some reading on E46 fanatics, I've decided to go back to genuine BMW plastic impeller pump than a metal impeller after market variety.  The later aren't all they are cracked up to be, they can get unbalanced, they are heavier so put more load on the bearings and number of other reasons.  If you fancy a looooooong read heres the E46fanatics thread:

Front left End/Drop Link:  (119k miles/May 2013) I think this failed because of the way I installed the H&R front sway bar, more on this later on the main page.

I'll fix this up soon, putting them in chronological order, prices paid and where i got the work done .